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Modernize and customize your load balancing with Traefik Proxy.  Learn how to use weighted round robin for progressive deployments, canary deployments, blue-green deployments, and so much more.

  • Efficiently manage your network's resources

  • Ensure your targets are healthy before sending traffic

  • Safely deploy to production

What You'll learn

Take advantage of Traefik Proxy’s advanced features to customize your load balancing. Learn how to use weighted round robin for progressive deployments, canary deployments, and blue-green deployments, create sticky sessions, nested health checks, and mirror your servers in this hands-on class.

    1. Introduction to the advanced load balancing course

    1. Introduction to Advanced load balancing

    2. Weighted Round Robin

    3. Mirroring with Traefik Proxy

    4. Sticky Sessions

    5. Nested Health Checks

    6. Conclusion and Resources for Practice

    1. Hands-on Practice Session: Deploy Traefik Proxy

    2. Hands-on Practice Session: Deploy the App

    3. Hands-on Practice Session: Weighted Round Robin

    4. Hands-on Practice Session: Mirroring

    5. Hands-on Practice Session: Sticky sessions

    6. Hands-on Practice session: Nested health checks

    7. Pop quiz!

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Jakub Hajek


Jakub Hajek is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Close, and former Product Adoption Specialist at Traefik Labs. Jakub is a Kubernetes enthusiast, containerization expert, DevOps practitioner, and proud dad. You can see more from Jakub on the Traefik Labs YouTube channel, where he has made many tutorials or follow @_jakubhajek on Twitter.

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