How did you ever live without GitOps?

GitOps is a single source of truth to automate the configuration of clusters, empowering you to own the lifecycle of your Kubernetes clusters and deploy at scale.

  • Enforce repeatability to eliminate configuration drift

  • Simplify Kubernetes lifecycle management

  • Faster team collaboration at scale

What You'll learn

This free two-hour course introduces you to the principles of GitOps with hands-on lessons where you will configure a complete Kubernetes environment managed by Flux with a Git Repository.

    1. A message from your instructor

    1. GitOps is Configuration Management

    2. Templating Manifests With Kustomize

    3. How Flux Operates

    4. Our Objectives

    1. Set up your working directory

    2. Base: Traefik Proxy

    3. Staging: Traefik Proxy

    4. Bootstrap Staging

    5. Managing Flux

    6. Deploy the Application

    7. Deploy Cert Manager

    8. Secure the Application

    9. Deploy to Production

    10. Pop quiz!

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